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Mission Statement: To give hope and opportunity to underprivileged young African athlete’s, through the power of international lacrosse, to achieve a better future for themselves and their communities.


Our journey


In 2007 Storm Trentham introduced lacrosse to Kenya in collaboration with DBA Sports.  It was a decision that was to have a long lasting impact, one that even she had not imagined.  Storm believes that sport is inspiring, rewarding, motivating and most significantly, she has learnt, it can not only be life changing but lifesaving.

Her career as both international player, coach and manager led her on an extraordinary journey. By 2015, Storm had 40 international caps for Wales, as a school coach her team had won the UK National Schools Championship four times in four years, with 8 players representing their countries in the 2011 U19 World Championships.  

In autumn 2016 she was appointed as head coach at a Russell Group university team.  In her first season they made the British University Championship final for the first time in their history.   Storm had coached the U19 Wales lacrosse teams at two World Championship's -  achieving a top five in the world finish, and for this she was awarded the Heart of Lacrosse by the Federation of International Lacrosse. She had successfully set up a coaching programme for approximately 400 athletes in Kenya.

By 2015, Storm felt she had reached a cross roads, on the one hand she could take a break from the sport but, on the other, how could she walk away from a game that offered so much? It was a pivotal moment and she knew she had another challenge left in her. What if the power of international sport could be played in a new arena, one that would change and save live.

Why not inspire and train a Kenyan team to compete in lacrosse on new level? Why not bring hope and a future to a team of players who face extreme poverty and hardship? Why not make history by bringing the first female African team onto an international stage and play an integral part in achieving Olympic status for lacrosse whilst saving lives?  In 2019, Storm achieved that goal.

….the Dream continues, as we aim to achieve a world first for the boys team at the u19 world championships, ireland 2020



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