Our Mission Statement:

To give hope and opportunity to underprivileged African athletes, through the power of international lacrosse, to achieve a better future for themselves and their communities.


Our primary aim is to provide training on a regular basis for hundreds of young disadvantaged Kenyans.

These sessions not only give these young people a respite from their everyday lives, but also gives them an opportunity to build friendships, get life mentoring and receive health education and screening. Most importantly, we are able to provide them with food, water and basic necessities that we take for granted but are luxuries to our Kenyan lacrosse athletes.

Kenya has now been recognised as the 54th lacrosse nation by the Federation of International Lacrosse and has received awards for the development of the game on the African continent.


Our current target is to identify potential talent and ambitious individuals to develop them into an international lacrosse team.

Having achieved our aim to achieve a WORLD FIRST by taking Team Kenya to Canada for the U19 Women’s World Championship in 2019. Our current aim is to secure a second WORLD FIRST by taking the boys Team Kenya to the U19 Mens World Championship in 2020. Whilst continuing to train the girls for the Women’s Senior World Championship 2021.

Team Kenya is playing a vital role in lacrosse being eligible for Olympic status, as every continent will be playing the sport. Our target will then be to get Team Kenya to the Olympics in Los Angeles 2028.

Our long term aim is to provide an opportunity for young athletes to play lacrosse throughout Kenya.

We hope to establish opportunities, through our connections, for all our athletes to find employment both during and after playing for Kenya Lacrosse and to give them necessary life skills to assist them in the future. We will also be encouraging our players to be the coaches of the future, increasing the depth of lacrosse skill and knowledge of the game throughout Kenya.